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Asado Negro / Beef in Dark Sauce

This dish is for sure one of the most distinguished venezuelan recipes. Soft and juicy, it varies its sweetness according to the region's traditions. This caramelized onion sauce is a "must".


$15.85  300 gr. (2 portions)

$29.87  600 gr. (4 portions)

Carne Mechada / Shredded Beef

This delicious plate is very common to many latin american countries. Ours is distinguished for the time an care we put in cleaning the strands of beef, providing a virtually fat free product. This practice is so costly that is is usually restricted to homemade food.


$15.85  400 gr. (2 portions)

$29.87  800 gr. (4 portions)

Carne Molida / Ground Beef

This versatile plate can be used for arepas, tacos, vegetable stuffing or as a main dish. It is delicately seasoned for amazing flavor, without being salty or over spiced.

All of our ground beef is meticulously cleaned and ground in our store, in order to guarantee the leanest beef possible.


$15.85  400 gr. (2 portions)

$29.87  800 gr. (4 portions)

Roast Beef de Lomito / Tenderloin Roast Beef

Made with tenderloin, pink and juicy, this is a classic always delicious and appreciated.

Follow the instructions for a perfect presentation.


$16.95  240 gr. (2 portions)

$32.85  480 gr. (4 portions)

Lomito Strogonoff / Strogonoff Tenderloin

Also known as Stroganoff, this is a delicious plate, made with tenderloin, and its characteristic tarragon creamy sauce with mushrooms. A plate everyone in your table will remember


$17.99  240 gr. (2 portions)

$34.97  480 gr. (4 portions)

Pasticho de Carne / Beef Lasagna

The lasagna requires little introduction for is a widely known and loved plate. Enjoy this product made with our in house cleaned and ground beef. Just bake and serve!



$13.97  (2 portions)  565 gr. aprox.

$26.69  (4 portions)  1,130 gr. aprox.

Milanesas de carne / Breaded Beef

This product is not deep fried. We use a small amount of olive oil for a perfect crust, and then we bake them.

Just bake for a few minutes and serve, this is one of the kid's favorite plate!!



$11.96  (2 units)  200 gr. aprox.

$23.85  (4 units)  400 gr. aprox.

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